„ Gdzie się podział Kusy Janek?”

– pub. Fundacja Wszystkie Mazurki Świata / IMiT- 2014

Where is Kusy Janek hiding? Where is the wonderful world of children’s games? How do you recall the songs that used to be passed down generation to generation; the counting rhymes, the meadow and parlour games of dancing and skill?
Raz, dwa, trzy – szukam! …find out more on the album page

“Kołysała mama smoka”

Lullabies and goodnight poems written by Joanna Papuzińska as interpreted by the musical theatre Słuchaj Uchem.
We remember lullabies from our earliest childhood, sung by Mothers and Grandmothers. We hope that children and their mommies and daddies can fall asleep among these poems and melodies, and dream nothing but good dreams.

Children’s folk album of the year..

„Simple, natural, enchanting” Tomasz Janas – Czas Kultury

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